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Hi! I'm Sam
  • I am from Stroudsburg PA originally but currently live in Savannah GA 

  • I have a background in design + marketing with a passion for weddings + events 

  • Ex-Corporate lady turned entrepreneur focused on bringing people together + inspiring women to live unapologetic holistic lives of their dreams

  • Dog mama + Country Music Lover 

  • My favorite place is to be is at a concert

  • I love coordinating, planning and organizing things that bring people together 

  • My Why: I started coaching to build the life I want to live and not the life I "should" live. I love getting the opportunity to build my dream life while helping others. 

  • My Mission: To shine so bright that others can find their way out of the dark. For the longest time I thought i knew what "healthy" was but I was SO wrong - My goal is to create courses + content to teach other women how to live unapologetically holistic lives 

My Journey 
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I moved to Georgia by myself when I was 18 years old and I never looked back! I was in constant motion. I went to school full time, year round while working 30 hours a week and graduated with a 4 year degree in 3 years. Then I went straight into a full time corporate job, got married, bought a house - the whole 9 yards. I felt like I was doing what I was supposed to do to be "successful" but that's the problem - it was what SOCETY shows us we are SUPPOSED to do based on the established system that we are all forced into. 

In 2019 I took a hard look at my life because although on paper everything looked great - I felt like I didn't know what way was up. I wasn't happy at work, at home - I really didn't know who I was anymore other than a totally burnt out at 25. 

That year, I decided to leave the marriage that had forced me to lose myself. I also joined a fitness bootcamp that wound up changing my life. It showed me I was way stronger than I thought mentally + physically. It also taught me to look at life a completely different way. That program showed me that the corporate life is just ONE way not the ONLY way to live. That program also taught me that I am WORTHY of finding joy + peace in my life. That year I started working as a coach. The following year, I started freelancing as a contract wedding manager something I wanted to do my whole life. One more year- I am now working for myself doing freelance design + wedding management with a firm in a city I love. 

Each year I took a little step further. This last year planning to leave my job and become a full time entrepreneur was HARD and let me tell you - I did it in the way I thought was best but my body is paying the price now. The last 6 months I have realized that the stress from making so many major life shifts at once has caused adrenal fatigue, I have totally blown my cortisol levels through the roof and it has thrown everything off. But the difference is I recognize this now and I am learning how to listen to my body. I started my holistic health journey as the next phase of my health + fitness routine and I am here to share that with you all to help you get in tune with your body and avoid burn out. 

Get To Know Me

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My Theme Song

Kelly Clarkson - Broken & Beautiful 


Fun Fact

I have been an extra in Magic Mike XXL, Dirty Grandpa and an Amazon series Z


Guilty Pleasure

Country Concerts - Especially for Hardy + Morgan Wallen

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My Heart

I have always loved and had a passion for animals - my dogs are my babies

Outdoor Night Event

My Big Dream

Own a barn that can be utilized as a barn venue for weddings + health + fitness events 


Best Travel Story

I was super lucky when I was in college I was able to live in France for 3 months - Amazing!

Rock Formations

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