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Unplug it.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes - even you.”

Isn’t that ironic and true - whenever something doesn’t work with technology if you unplug it or shut it down for a little while it will reset itself. Yet, I know for me unplugging is one of the hardest things that I have to do. And I don’t know about you but I don’t do it nearly enough.

Going into this year, I had big goals. I did my vision boards, I got all set up and let me tell you I did not waste any time getting started on these goals. I had my checklists (yep enneagram 1 over here with my spreadsheets and checklists) and I just got going. I am the type of girl that just goes and doesn’t stop. I like to stay busy! February hit and I ramped up on my coaching business, I started to launch the newest version of my website and BOOM I was off to the races. March hit, and I had more opportunities coming in which was really exciting starting to do freelance design again. I don’t know how to explain it other than I felt like I had my creativity back. For the first time in a long time I felt inspired!

With that momentum - I didn’t want to stop. So I kept going and took on projects with less than 24 hours to turn them around. I took on more with the team, I started getting orders in on my website which was great and cranked those out. Worked on some awesome new gear for my team. my concerts were back (WHOOP WHOOP) It was great! But I’ll be honest - I was sleeping maybe 4 hours at night if I was lucky and I knew that wasn’t sustainable. I kept telling myself - hustle now and you’ll be able to rest later (how many of you have told yourself that story before??)

I believe that is true to some extent but you also need to stop, slow down and have balance it cant all be work (even if your work seems fun) or trust me it will all come to a screeching halt. Mid April, I had a personal relationship end that quite honestly stopped me in my tracks like never before. It took me by surprise and that is where I was investing all my free time - that is what I was counting on for my happiness. The problem with that scenario is A) there was no balance and B) that was conditional happiness. I was relying on that person to be there for my piece of happiness each week and I used them for my escape from the day to day. Honestly that is not fair to the other person at all and it isn’t fair to yourself. Nor is it sustainable.

I took this time to stop, reflect and then make a plan to push forward. I reorganized my time and my focus and stepped back to prioritize this time putting myself first. I also just took time to think about my priorities and what I value most going forward. To tell you the truth, everything is still crazy right now. I feel better some days than others. I am sleeping more (most days) but I am still working 3 side jobs currently + my full time 50 hour a week corporate gig - However, fingers crossed that will change in the very near future!

Some of the things that I continue to work on are balance, shutting down my mind and keeping my priorities straight. I struggle with it daily in addition to saying yes to everyone for everything. I hate saying “no I cant get it done” if I know I can it is just a matter of sacrificing me and my time. But I know that if I keep up at this pace and don’t take the time to slow down I won’t be able to do everything any longer. I also struggle with narrowing down my to do list every day and being realistic about the time that it takes to do something. It’s basically like “yea I can totally make it there in 20 minutes” know darn well I am 30 minutes away distance wise - so FYI I will always be like at least 5 minutes late because I underestimate the time do get there.

I am accepting that I am a work in progress. I am accepting that I am in this spot for a reason. I think that everything up to this point has happened for a reason to teach me something. I choose to release the need to be perfect and to get everything done for everyone. I choose to accept that I am human and I am doing my best. And most importantly I choose each day to take time to release, reflect and touch base with myself and rest when needed!

Some of the things that I have started doing to keep me on track:

  • I have added 45 minutes time block in the morning to listen to a morning mindset podcast or video something to create a positive mindset first thing in the morning in addition to writing out daily affirmations to set my intentions for the day and meditating / praying for my day.

  • I am not going on social media first thing in the morning (this is definitely a struggle)

  • I make sure to get my workout in every day or at least stretching but knowing when to take it easy and actually rest.

  • Am creating a to do list every day (top things that HAVE to get done and then another section of NICE to get done) and a time block and trying to be realistic with how long things take. I’m also blocking out EVERYTHING so I can really see the time that I put into it all. And then reflecting on what I got done at the end of the day to show how much progress I really made.

  • Making sure in addition to my morning mindset time, I take time to read my personal development at the end of the night.

  • Saying no to extra projects if I don’t have time to put them into my “free time”

  • Taking time to rest. And really rest - like sit down, read, listen to music, go to the beach and just lay there (still need to do that) but really focusing on it

  • Being present - focusing on what is in front of me down to the smallest details to get out of my head.

  • Starting and ending my day with gratitude by writing down three things I am great full for in the morning and 3 things I am proud of at night

  • Stating “trust” affirmations that show that I trust in timing. I trust in the overall plan for my life and I trust that what I did today was enough to get me to the next step.

  • Listen to my intuition. Look for the signs that I need to slow down or hit pause.

What are some of the things that you do to prevent getting burnt out?? Would love to hear!

“Burn down. It’s okay. Be ashes. It’s okay. Resurrect. Be like a Phoenix and reinvent yourself.” -Autumn Calebrese

Nobody’s perfect. We all have times when we get defeated and burnt down. Life is not easy. The important thing is to accept those times and use them to learn reflect and reinvent ourselves.

New motto: Be like a Phoenix. Be better than you were yesterday. And remember sometimes a new direction is all you need.


Always move forward but know when to move slowly vs. when to ramp up. It is all about the balance.

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