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The Gifts That Keep On Giving

Ever struggle with coming up with gifts for the person who has everything? This year, take a look at gift giving in a new way! Give them gifts that have more meaning and keep on giving way past unwrapping a box. Here are a few of my favorite gifts that keep on giving this year!

I know for me I always look for a gift that is personal and has meaning. I want it to be something that has some thought into it and something that is useable but I always struggle with trying to find the perfect gift for everyone! This year especially was hard for many people purchasing gifts because let's face it this year has been a mess. But it makes us appreciate what we do have and appreciate the times that we can spend with each other so much more especially when we have been separated so much.

In years past one of my go to thoughts would be to gift an experience for the person that has everything. I know I would much rather get a ticket to a concert or plan a trip than have a bunch of presents that may or may not get used. This year, that looks a little different because we can't exactly all go to a show together!

For me this year has been a huge pause and time to reflect on myself - my fitness, my nutrition and my mental state pushing myself to be more positive and working on how I can improve where I am at. So that is what I focused on in my list below - How can I give that as a gift to my friends and family? See some of my gift ideas below on gifts that keep on giving throughout the year!

1). Personal Development Books

I cannot stress enough how important personal development books have been in my life this year! I started a few here and there and never really thought much of it but one thing about my challenge groups through Beachbody that I LOVE is that we focus on positive mindset and pushing yourself to the next level from the inside out.

Personal development books help you totally change your mindset which is the first step in being able to get where you want to go whether that be getting into a new career, starting your own job, getting into that workout program that you have been saying you were going to for the last three years but never actually set the time aside to do it. By reading just 10 pages a day, you can totally change your life.

Now if that doesn't sound like a gift that keeps on giving- I just don't know what to tell you! Here is a list of some of the books that I read this year that I would totally recommend anding to your list!

The Slight Edge - Jeff Olson

You Are A Badass - Jen Sincero (may be my favorite this year!)

Braving the Wilderness - Brene Brown

The Secret- Rhonda Byrne

Eat That Frog - Brian Tracey

2) Self Care Gift Set

Self care is one of those things that may look a little different for everyone but it is something we all desperately need. Especially for those mamas out there that have been moms, teachers and working from home etc. on top of all their other daily duties!

You can't put from an empty cup. This is the truth! I always pushed myself to the edge to get everything done for everyone else to the point where I basically had an identity crisis by the time I was 25 years old (not good!) - I was pouring from an empty cup by the end and definitely needed some self care and self love to help fill my cup up again so I could present myself to everyone as the best version of me.

Some of the gifts that are the best and most thoughtful gifts -especially for someone that gives everyone else everything - is time to reset and get back to themselves. This doesn't have to break the bank either! It can simply be creating some sugar scrub or sea salt scrubs -maybe make a little gift set that has some of these items in it! You can include some of their favorite items (snacks, nail polish, bubble bath, candles, books, include some sweet sayings with these items that help boost your mood) or even get them a spa gift card to a salon / spa / nail salon - all small items that go a long way when you give the gift of relaxation.

I recently created some sea salt scrub as a gift to give out to a few of my girls here is the recipe I used!

3) Shakeology

Shakeology is a great option for a healthy nutritional supplement - and let me tell you it tastes like a milkshake. I typically have one shake every morning and I know that it will give me the energy and the nutrients to power my body with what I need for the day! There are options for everyone with flavor and also vegan vs. whey based on diet preference (both have the same health benefits!). You have a choice of flavors from strawberry to chocolate / vanilla and even caffe latte. You can even get a box with mixed flavors or get a sample box and try them all!

If you have someone that wants to eat healthier that doesn't necessarily know where to start this is a perfect place for them to start. Created from super foods, this is definitely a gift that creates almost instant change in their body. Over the course of one month you will notice changes in how you feel - if you're not satisfied there is also a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied!

4) Workout Gear + Apparel

Who doesn't love getting new clothes?! I know I always love getting something new to wear! Whether someone has an active lifestyle, mamas on the go, someone with a passion to workout or someone looking to live a healthy lifestyle - workout clothes are a win for everyone!

First off, they are SOOO comfy (like I wish I could wear my workout clothes into the office). These clothes are also so versatile - wear them to the grocery store heck add a cute sweater / top and layer it and wear it out on the town! This is also something that is great motivation for someone starting a program. Let's be honest, what better way is there to get motivated than to get new workout apparel.

Some of my favorite workout apparel has come from Fabletics - best fit, best support and honestly the BEST pricing. They had some amazing deals for black Friday (who doesn't love a great deal?!) and I am talking like 70% off on top of the line apparel.

5) 3 Day Refresh

Three day refresh is one of the all inclusive kits that Beachbody offers. This is a great gift to either kickstart your wellness journey or to his a reset. I know this time of year we all indulge a little bit (as we should - in moderation!) and sometimes we just need to hit reset to ick us back into gear after some holiday cookies, ham, turkey you name it.

What is the refresh? Well it is kind of like a cleanse but it is more of a reset! It is a short 3 day program that comes with the fiber sweeps, vanilla shakes and you can get shakeology packs with it as well! It also comes with a full guide on what you need to complete the refresh. It is a type of cleanse where you still eat daily but you focus on fruits and veggies and remove meat and dairy etc. This will help get rid of the toxins in your body and help you feel refreshed and ready to get back into gear.

What kinds of results do you see and who is this good for? This set is good for anyone that has a ned or want to refresh and reset your nutrition. It is also a great kickstart for anyone who wants to learn more and kickstart a new healthy lifestyle. The results vary depending on where you are at in your journey but many people lose 3-5 lbs within the 3 days of following this refresh!

Want to learn more? Click here or shoot me a message!

6) Honey Gift Set

Instead of giving alcohol or sugary snacks - send some honey! Honey is an amazing natural sweetener that has way more uses than I ever knew! I used to never be a fan of honey but use it in everything from baking to sweeter in my yogurt / shakes, a topping on fruit and you can even utilize it in some cosmetic uses!

You may not know it but one of the things that Savannah is known for is their honey. We have an amazing honey company locally that has been spreading like crazy over the last few years. The Savannah Bee Company based in Savannah GA - you can purchase online if you are not local or even check out some stores that are now selling their honey!

7) Journal / Planner

I have ALWAYS been a planner (I think I mentioned that before!) but I love to have a list. My problem was I wasn't always associating my lists to bigger goals - my what I "needed" to get done list was more of a checklist of items that I thought I needed to get done but - did I really?

This year I have focused on first understanding who I was again and really working on developing solid, time bound goals that I could then create an effective plan to start on and that is how I got my list of things that needed to get done! Let me tell you, I could not do it without my planner. The planner that I have this year is the Happy Planner. The layout works great for me because I have a full view of the month and then the weekly view which I can break down easily. I also LOVE the fact that this is a customizable planner which allows me to ad in pages and templates for additional items that I need in there such as budget trackers, social media planner etc.

The other item would be a journal! There are so many journals out there depending on what the goal is that you are looking to create. There is everything from wellness journals to journal that spark creativity, nutrition and fitness tracking journals - you name it you can find it! It is so important to track things from items that you learned from to quotes that inspired you so you can go back and look at those items and keep yourself on track. It is also great to journal daily to make sure you are doing everything to stay on track and even get emotions out. Papier has some awesome journals!

8) Cook Books

Everyone could always use a good gook book with some amazing recipes in it. I know I would love to get one to freshen up my "go to" menu of dinners! This is a great gift for everyone from someone learning how to cook (let's face it with the restaurants closed from the pandemic and the need to stay home more - we should all pick up a few cooking tips!) to someone anyone who is looking for new and exciting ways to cook for their families!

This one is also something that you could totally create from scratch. I think it would be amazing to one day collect all of the recipes from my family and create a book of all the recipes that we use. If you have a great collection of recipes - why not put them all together and make a great book to share?!

For those of us looking for an off the self version - the Fixate cookbook has some amazing recipes and they are all pre portioned to perfectly fit into your healthy lifestyle!

9) Challenge Pack

I couldn't end this list without talking about the #1 thing that was on my list this year and that was the 9 Week Control Freak program that beachbody's super trainer Autumn Calabrese is just releasing! This program is going to help you take control of everything that you can from your rest, to your nutrition and your fitness. It is a 9 week program with everything you need to succeed! To get more information on this program and the challenge pack for it click here or shoot me a message! We are launching our challenge and accountability group for this starting January 4th and we would LOVE to have you join us!

What is a challenge pack? A challenge pack comes in different versions you can make it program specific of you can just get a beachbody on demand challenge pack that has access to all the workouts, the nutrition plans and performance packs + shakeology. The beauty is you have SOO many options! They all come with 1 years access to the on demand programs and you can change up your subscriptions at any time.

This is an amazing gift to add to your list. What a deal?! You get all the nutrition information and planning you need all done for you plus full access to the NETFLIX of workout programs which is AMAZING and as a BONUS you get access to a life changing community where there are people lifting you up, sharing stories, pushing you to the next level and you have access to me as your personal coach making you succeed along the way. Whether you have interest in learning more as a Beachbody customer or if you want to build your ultimate side gig, I am here for you along the way! This program has changed my life in so many ways and I know it would be an amazing gift to be able to give that to yourself or someone you care about!

10) Gift of Time Together

This year has been hard. Period. Honestly all of these gifts are amazing and they do keep on giving but if this year has taught us something - it is that we need to value the time that we have with one another because we don't know how long that we will have. Distance is hard and you are probably still experiencing that now! If you have the opportunity to be with your family take advantage of that! Cook a meal together (maybe using a new cook book), bake some cookies, watch a movie, do a puzzle, play some board games! You name it just do it. Remember those coupon books we used to make when we were kids? Maybe even make one of those with adventures for you and your loved ones to take or different activities to do together. And if you can't be together yet because of the pandemic, FaceTime your loved ones and watch a movie together or just chat for a while, send them notes and cards, make them a list of things you want to do when you can be together again. Spend time - because that is the most invaluable thing you can give!

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