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I’ve Decided To Be The Girl That Just Went For It

Hey Everyone!

Motivation Monday on a Tuesday because that’s my life these days. #noshame

I’m back! I have not posted anything in a while but have no fear- I have been working on some BIG things. I have decided to go for it - and really go for it. I have been working the past 2 months or so on firming up a plan to build The Way She Was made into more than just a lifestyle blog. I am going for it and making it a whole brand.

You’ll notice some changes and fun additions to the website including an events section - keep checking back in there for monthly events etc. that will be taking place! This month (starting next week) I will be hosting the first ever Mini-Bootcamp - for just $10 try out a condensed version of my full 21-day bootcamps. Try sample products, try out the Beachbody workout programs, get a fully built meal plan (and shopping list) for the week, get access to an accountability group, me as your coach and MORE! You do NOT want to miss out.

ALSO- SUPER EXCITED to share the addition of my new shop! This page will have some fun merchandise available for sale. For any of you who have teams or events you are hosting as well I will be adding in a custom section for anyone looking to get personalized items! This is going to be GREAT!

It’s called balance. Check out this shirt and more awesome merch coming soon In the shop section!

With all of this awesome stuff happening (and in light of Motivation Monday) I wanted to share some of the thoughts, quotes - little tidbits that motivated me to just go for it not just with my coaching but with doing my own thing. I have always been creative but I never had the guts or the confidence to think “You can do this Sam so just do it” until recently. I can attribute that confidence to my journey this past year and a half and the amazing community focused on personal development. Below are some of my favorite motivations - I hope some of these give you the courage to just go for it to. There is no time like now!

“You can spend your life working to build someone else’s dream - or you can work to build your own dream.” - Larry Zimberg

My team had a call where Larry came and spoke and if you have never heard of him (I hadn’t until I started coaching) he has the BEST motivation. This quote is the Number one thing that made me stop and say YES! Why am I building someone else’s dream - my dream is just as valuable. I am currently working in a corporate job that leaves me DRAINED daily physically and mentally and I have finally decided to embrace the fact that I don’t want to do this every day - the paycheck is not worth it. You only have one life - you don’t get any redo’s so don’t waste it in a soul sucking job.

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally 20 seconds of jut embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.” - Benjamin Mee, We Bought A Zoo

This is one of those simple yet so empowering quotes. It is one that whenever I am scared to do something I ask myself why am I scared? What is the risk I am taking? If you don’t take risks in life, you will never grow. Take those twenty seconds. Always.

“Let your light shine so brightly that other’s can find their way out of the dark.” - Katrina Mayer

This one is one that I live by daily. I use it as my mission statement. I love that it reminds me that I need to fill my cup to be able to give back to others. Shine with YOUR light so brightly that everyone else can find their way out. “If you build it, they will come”

God put that Idea in YOUR mind and heart for a reason.

I can’t remember where I saw this quote but I have it written and posted by my desk. When I was lost and didn’t know which way was up trying to figure out where to go next with my life - I knew I wasn’t where I wanted or needed to be but I didn’t know where to go and I saw this quote which made me think back to when I was younger and didn’t have all the “adulting” responsibilities in my mind about a job that makes a certain amount etc. I just knew what I enjoyed I always wanted to be a wedding planner. Somewhere along the line I pushed that desire aside and fell into the “I just need to have some sort of stable corporate like job to pay the bills”. But that dream was still there. And so now, I have decided to take little steps to one day have that event planning company. To have my own brand and to create a job that I LOVE to go to every day. A job that has meaning and fulfillment and a job that helps me help others create their dream day. One day starts today because God gave ME that vision for a reason - I just didn’t have all the tools and courage to take that step until now. And that is okay- everything happens in the time it is meant to.

Just take the first step - Even if you can’t see the whole staircase

You will never be READY - Just do it. What’s the worst that could happen? I would rather live knowing I tried rather than live in regret from missing out on that opportunity.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” - Pablo Picasso.

Everyone is different. we all have different talents, dreams, visions, interpretations. But we all have a gift and you are doing a disadvantage to the world by keeping that to yourself and not living up to your full potential. Share your gifts with the world by pursuing your dreams and passions.

“If you’re not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.” - Brene Brown

Sometimes strangers will support you more than your friends. I have found that recently. The people you are or were close to sometimes see that you came from the same spot as them and they get jealous because you are where they desire to be. Know that this is not a reflection of you it’s a reflection on them. Just remember to not take criticism from anyone that is not in the arena with you trying to up level themselves like you are.

“There are so many great ideas in the world, but the world is measured by great executions.” - Whitney Headen

One of my good friends sent me this quote recently to remind me to keep going and just run with it. You wont make it anywhere with just an idea, you have to actually execute on that idea. Try it- what do you have to lose?! I don’t know if I will make it with my brand but I know I have more to lose staying where I am than trying to push to the next level. If nothing else, I know I tried and I had fun doing it and sharing my journey.

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it is having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it is our greatest measure of courage.” - Brene Brown

I think everyone struggles with vulnerability. It is one of the most uncomfortable feelings but you will not grow by trying to go around your problems you have to go through them and growing requires you to be vulnerable. You will miss out on the most valuable connections with yourself and others without being vulnerable. By pushing yourself to that limit and then past it, you are growing and you are being the most courageous version of yourself. And I can promise you will will not regret it.

I decided to be the girl who just went for it.

I think this one says it all. You can be the one who just does it to.

Let’s Go Be Great.

Amoila Cesar says this every day in all of his workouts. He used to scare me because he is so strong and tough but I just recently completed one of his workouts and I am starting one of his challenges this week. I just went for it and I will never regret that because I am now stronger mentally and physically than ever before. Don’t show up just to be mediocre - Give it your all. Wake up every day and just BE GREAT.

You got this. Now go be great.

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