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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Healthy lifestyle vs. dieting - How I made easy changes to my nutrition and turned it into a permanent "diet"

Anyone else ever feel like "I eat healthy. I don't eat fast food all the time, get some veggies - no need for me to focus on nutrition as much as picking up a workout"? I did! When I started Beachbody I really thought that my nutrition was "good enough" - wasn't eating processed foods, or fast food etc. But I had no idea that I wasn't eating the right amounts of the right things and that threw me off.

“If you're tired of starting over - Stop giving up.”

I've heard it before but didn't believe that it really is 80% about your nutrition and 20% about your workout. You have to fuel your body in order to be able to get the most out of your workouts. You can workout all day long but if you don't keep the right nutrition in your body, you will not see the results.

Why is this nutrition plan different then those popular diets?

Beachbody has a few different nutrition plans to choose from based on what works best for your lifestyle. There are also different variations of these plans such as timed nutrition etc. depending on how strict you want to be.

If you're like me, you have tried the Keto trend, whole30, carb free etc. diets. You may have even seen great results with them. But then as soon as you change back to a "normal diet" - you likely gain all that weight back and possibly even more - At least that is what happened to me. And then I became frustrated and unmotivated again.

The truth is, these diets and trends start with the same thing in mind, limiting certain foods or eliminating from your diet. But where they go wrong is they take it to the extremes. The difference with Beachbody nutrition plans is selecting the right amount of each food group to support your body (based on your bodyweight etc. there is some simple math involved but it walks you right through it - Trust me if I can do the math you can too cuz after all I went to design school for a reason). I personally chose to use the portion fix with the different colored cups - this helps you know how much of each food group based on each container is necessary. Super simple - Pro Tip these also work great to carry to work. After a while these portions and how much protein vs. veggies etc. becomes second nature.

The other difference - and this is a big one- is that this program pulls from other research from other programs but uses them in a more manageable long term way AND it doesn't starve you of your favorite foods. You can still have your favorite alcoholic drink, or those pancakes you want or even dessert - but key is moderation on those foods and in some case, there are also healthier versions of those favorite dishes (and desserts) that still taste great but have nutritional value too. There are literally hundreds of recipes in the program and I have not found one that I don't like! These recipes switch out unhealthy and processed ingredients for healthy ones. It pulls from the concepts of the whole30 for example by selecting whole and natural foods but it doesn't limit them so much and still allows carbs and other ingredients to help make it sustainable long term.

Don't starve yourself from the foods you enjoy. Just don't overindulge.

Meal Plan

Throughout the week to stay on track with portion control it is important to plan ahead. I usually plan out some dinners and schedule it throughout the week so I can keep on target with my snacks and other meals and not over eat in certain areas (carbs are my weakness). This also is super helpful when grocery shopping so you don't impulse buy in the store.

Many people take meal prep to another level and plan out all their individual meals and snacks throughout the week. Personally, I do some of this (prep some veggies, cook some chicken etc. for salads, make a big bowl of salad or a veggie tray to grab from - but I don't fully kit meals. I instead cook dinners overnight (I prefer fresh cooked meals) and it works in my schedule.

How do you meal plan? Would love to hear how you all take control of your nutrition.

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