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Be Your Own Damn Valentine

Who needs a date on Valentine's day anyways? Over crowded restaurants with long waits to get a seat - No THANK YOU! I don't know about you all but I am just fine staying home this Valentine's day and treating myself. Take a look below at some awesome self care Valentine's day ideas that you'll love!

1) Watch the movie Valentine's Day

I absolutely love a good movie to watch that goes along with the holiday's - am I the only one?! If you have not seen this movie before, it's a must. Amazing cast from Jennifer Garner to Ashton Kutcher and everyone in between. I love this movie because it is one of those story lines that has a bunch of stories pieced together and in then end you find out how they are all connected - Love those twists. It is also a story that doesn't just focus on the typical love story, it has a bunch of different takes all centered around Valentine's day.

2) Red Velvet Cupcakes

If we are watching movies - there has to be snacks right? Red velvet cupcakes are my absolute FAVORITE flavor of cupcakes. And let's be real - the red totally goes for Valentine's right? Here is one of my favorite recipes for cupcakes and believe it or not this is MEAL PLAN APPROVED. Who doesn't love a cupcake that doesn't totally get you off track?!

Get the Recipe Here!

3) Buy YOURSELF the flowers

Who needs a man to buy you flowers? Don't get me wrong it is always nice to get some surprise flowers but don't let that stop you from getting them for yourself! V-day is the perfect excuse to have some beautiful flowers around the house. Plus - it will brighten up your space during these cold winter months (especially for my friends up north in the snow).

4) Take a Hot Bath

Not that anyone needs an excuse to take a nice hot bath but who doesn't love to sit and soak in a nice tub! TIP: If you have some roses lying around that are about at their wits end don't hesitate to throw the petals in the water - not only does it look pretty it also has health benefits like soothing irritated skin and even brightening up your complexion!

5) Have a Galentines Date

Girls night out is just something that will always be needed. What better than grabbing some food, takeout on the couch, movie night, drinks - you name it it will be an awesome time. And if your best gal pals happen to live in different states - virtual happy hour anyone? we can get creative with it. Never underestimate the power of girl time!

6) Is it really girls night without cocktails?

Let's be honest - you can not have a girls night or happy hour (virtual or in person) without some awesome cocktails. Here are some of my favorite cocktail recipes that I LOVE to have. Great for a night in, party you name it! And - these won't break the calorie bank either.

Chocolate Martini

Elderflower Meringue Cocktail

Skinny Cucumber Cocktail

Red Wine Ginger Berry Mixed Drink

7) Get a Mani / Pedi

I don't know about you but I feel so much more relaxed - and actually more confident when I have my nails all done. It's like I'm all put together for once! Awesome way to take some time for yourself to go get your nails done. If you prefer to stay home and do your own manicure - try out making your own sea salt or sugar scrub to help exfoliate and leave your skin silky smooth! Takes a home mani - pedi to the next level. Add in some essential oils as well for added health benefits (and they will leave you smelling amazing as well).

8) Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Last but not least, we can't forget chocolate covered strawberries. Valentine's day would not be complete without these amazing treats. These strawberries in particular are dipped in chocolate superfoods shake blend so not only do they taste AMAZING - it will be your healthiest meal of the day getting in all of those antioxidants, vitamins and super food goodness. Checkout the recipe below!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Recipe

I hope you have enjoyed some of my favorite treat yo self Valentine's day activities and treats. I know I will be using this list to fill up this weekend! Valentine's day is about celebrating love but most people don't think about celebrating self love as well and that is so important every day. Whether your like me and single this Valentine's day, celebrating with friends / family / your dogs or just hanging out by yourself - never forget to celebrate self love!

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