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2020 has been one for the books. It has created obstacles that no one thought possible and it has pushed us to be able to pivot, adapt and just go with the flow. For many of us that were lucky enough to maintain work through all of the restrictions and quarantines in local regions - we have had to come up with creative ways to maintain a work life balance. While in many ways it has created more balance it also means that there are less boundaries than ever before between work and home. I mean heck - you are inviting your co-workers in your home virtually for zoom calls talk about boundaries! It is a give and take but here are some tips that I have found to help keep your two lives in balance.

  1. Create A Schedule - And Keep To It

This one can be really tough because - what is 5 more minutes you don't have a commute. Well that 5 minutes will surely grow longer and longer throughout the day and before you know it you have worked a longer day than if you were in the office and it cuts into your personal time. Make sure that you set boundaries and start / stop times each day and stick to it just as you would if you were at the office.

2. Have A Specific Area Set For Work

If at all possible, have a set work area (office, spare room, desk etc.) that is just for work. This will make it be like your own office space to separate your day to day work activities from your personal activities. It also helps with other people in the house to be aware that if you are in that space, you are working (or at least we can hope that drops a hint).

3. Get Dressed In The Morning

One of the perks of working from home may be that you don't have to get all dressed up to go into the office. We have all seen those videos (and have also probably been there) where you definitely have sweatpants or PJs on the bottom half and business on the top half (definitely the new version of business in the front party in the back just saying). But in all honesty getting dressed is important - it helps you wake up and get ready for the day - even if it is just business on the top.

4. Get Out Of Bed

This might be an obvious one - But who doesn't work on their computer with the TV on all the time (Total transparency I'm 100% writing this blog in bed, watching Grey's Anatomy) But when it comes to your day job - It is important to be comfortable to a certain extent but to be in the zone for work. Not to say that some background TV or music etc. isn't a bad thing - especially if you are in a creative role, I know that I always have something on in the background. And again this goes back to the "set area for work" to keep on track.

5. Take Breaks

I know this is something that I need to do when I am in the office and when I am working from home. I find it luckily a little bit easier when I am at home because I have more freedom to get up and take a walk, take a call outside etc. or even do a quick 10 minute yoga workout. This is important everyday but especially when you are at home working sometimes in makeshift desks, at your dining room table or at a craft table. Sitting at a computer all day in general is rough for anyone's body but when you add in the stress of what has been going on in the world, dealing with being home all the time, balancing work and family etc. make sure you alleviate some stress by taking enough breaks and moving around.

It is a balancing act but always remember to look on the bright side. With these times - although challenging - just remember that these are times with your family, your kids etc. that you won't ever get back. It is a blessing that we have this extra time to spend with them. It also gave us time to stay home and remember the core values of what is important to us all.

You got this! And we will get through these crazy times together.

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