10 Fun Fall Activities When You're In The South

I grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania. You knew when it was fall when it started getting cooler but you REALLY knew when it was fall by all the leaves changing colors. In the south - yea we have a lot of pine trees and other trees that stay green all year round. We also don't have the corn mazes, hay rides etc. that I was used to either so I started thinking what do they do in the south for the fall to make it feel like - well FALL!

This has always been my favorite time of the year back home and I still love it down here - I just love different things about it! The temperature in Savannah starts to change a little around October (but really around November) - Like they say, you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes it will change- but the humidity goes away and it becomes a perfect 70 ish temperature where you can actually enjoy the outdoors without feeling like you're walking through syrup.

Here are some of the best southern fall activities that I have found. What are your favorite fall activities?

1) Wag-O-Ween

Wag-O-Ween is hands down - my favorite day of the year. When I first moved here I didn't know it was a thing - walked outside and saw the entire city filled with dogs dressed up trick or treating for biscuits all through the parks. How awesome is that?! To top it off it raises money for the local shelters to help homeless pups. Local businesses all join in to support the cause and hand out biscuits for all the fur babies and there are contests along the way for best costume etc. I love how dog friendly Savannah is and this is just one of the ways they show love for the pups!

2) Farmers Market

Credit: https://forsythfarmersmarket.com/whoweare

The Forsyth Farmers Market is around more than just the fall - but this is definitely one of the best fall activities. I love all the vegetables and fall themed items that they have. Some of my favorite recipes are from ingredients that are around this time of year. This market is a great spot for our community serving farm to table and supporting the local farms and vendors. It is also a great location in the beautiful Forsyth Park. Who wouldn't want to spend a Saturday morning enjoying the city and supporting the community?

3) Oktoberfest on River Street

Credit: WTOC

Every year a few times a year there are different festivals that happen downtown on the river. One of the most fun is the Oktoberfest that happens every year. There is all kinds of great food, drinks, fun activities and did I mention - wiener dog races?! This is a super fun event to check out if you are in the low country.

4) Apple Orchard

What could be more fun than traveling through an apple orchard in the crisp fall air? Such a great time to walk around and appreciate the local farms in your area with friends and family (also - great spot for pictures if I do say so myself). There are a few good local farms in the surrounding areas outside of Savannah.

5) Make Homemade Apple Sauce

Credit: Beachbody Blog

What a better way to utilize the apples you picked from the orchard thank making homemade apple sauce? This is a great recipe for families to create together and so tasty! Try out this simple, healthy recipe for applesauce that everyone will love! And top it off with some cinnamon - my mouth is already watering!

6) Food + Wine Festival

Credit: Savannah Food and Wine Festival

2020 has been a year that has taken away a lot of things and events has definitely been one of the areas most impacted. This year, the festival is not taking place but it is one to definitely check out once it comes back around! Award winning food, excellent wine and great people celebrated all in one spot - Can't wait for this to come back again.

7) Bonfire

This one is safe for all ages (well when supervised of course) and you can still do it during a quarantine through a global pandemic. Bonfires have always been one of my favorite fall activities. There is nothing like sitting around a campfire with a bunch of friends and family and just having a good time. Makes me think of growing up in the summer on the river and ending the night with a campfire and s'mores of course!

8) Pumpkin Patch / Petting Zoo

It totally isn't fall without a pumpkin patch! Pumpkins are definitely a staple and a huge symbol of the fall season. Everyone loves a good pumpkin carving and you have to pick out the perfect pumpkin to carve to ensure the best results. Don't forget that you can always extract the pumpkin seeds and toast them for a tasty treat! And What goes along with a pumpkin patch better than a petting zoo? The petting zoo was one of my favorite parts! I always remember going to the farm to pick out pumpkins when I was little and of course go on a hay ride and then we watched the pig races with Bobby Bacon and Susie Sausage - great memories!

9) Ghost Tour

Credit: viator

Up north we had some haunted houses with a munch of people in costumes that jump out at you. But in Savannah - there are real ghosts - like everywhere. With a city that is built on so much history and so many graveyards there are bound to be spirits that hang around. One of my favorite touristy things to do in Savannah is to go on a ghost tour who doesn't love a good spooky tour while learning some awesome historical facts.

10) GA State Park Foliage

Credit: atlantamagazine.com

One of the things that I miss the most in this area in the fall is the foliage. There are only so many places in the world where the leaves change as much as they do in North East PA so I was spoiled growing up driving around and looking at so many colors on the trees! Although there may not be this many trees in the low country that change colors - there are some beautiful areas in the state parks in Western Georgia to get your fall foliage fix.


Where are you all from and what are some of your favorite fall activities? Would love to hear what everyone is up to this season!

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